Success coach Brian Tracy's new tome issues marching orders for management.
Quick now, what's the Principle of the Mass and why do winners know it? How about The Principle of Maneuver? Or Concerted Action? No bells of familiarity ringing in your skull? Brian Tracy, who's made a career out of training salespeople and managers to succeed, wants to change that. His new idea is that grasping these concepts - and nine others outlined in his new book, Victory! (Amacom) - is key to business achievement. That's because all 12 are ideas that fueled breakthrough military victories, and, says Tracy, today's corporate leaders need military thinking to manage through topsy-turvy, economically unsettled times.

He backs up this belief in Victory! with a point-by-point exploration of how generals win their battles. Who better to inspire success than victorious military leaders, from Alexander the Great to George S. Patton?

The author and well-known business coach recently shared the high points of his military-meets-business scenario.

AMERICAN WAY: What's the relevance of military thinking to today's business executive?
Military thinking may be more important than ever to executives. The same kind of thinking that enables a person to function in the chaos and confusion of war will help a business- person make good decisions in a turbulent business economy. The principles that great military leaders used to make effective decisions in high-stakes situations are ideas you can use today to run a business effectively.