Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to wear your pajamas to the grocery store? Or to the gym, then to the grocery store? Or, at the very least, to feel as comfortable as you would if you wore your pajamas everywhere (without the schlubby factor, of course). With Bamjamz’s lounge and sleepwear line, now you can! OK, so maybe you won’t just roll out of bed and drive straight to the store. You’ll probably want to at least change into something clean. But what you change into can be just as (or more than, if you weren’t sleeping in something Bamjamz) comfy as what you just had on. Made of a blend of bamboo fabrics, the stylish Bamjamz pieces are baby soft, wick moisture away and are temperature controlling, meaning they will keep you cozy but cool. Launched in Canada last year by childhood friends Brad Rudin and Adrian Kraizel, the line (an upscale offshoot of their Guats Active.Life.Style. brand) was an instant hit and quickly developed a cult following. “We’ve done to sustainable clothing what Bob Dylan did to folk music when he brought out the electric guitar, making it relevant, energized and dynamic,” explains Rudin. Lucky for America, the line (signature pieces include the long hoodie, sleep leggings and a strappy tunic) was picked up exclusively by Neiman Marcus this past February, outfitting women across the U.S. in the choicest loungewear we’ve seen yet. www.bamjamz.com