If you’re looking for blockbuster releases, this is definitely the month to head for the movies. Check out these films, packed with stars and plenty of action.

THE MEXICAN stars Brad Pitt (Legends of the Fall) as a pawn of the mob sent to Mexico to retrieve an antique pistol known as “the Mexican.” In the process of getting the firearm home, his girlfriend, played by Julia Roberts, is taken hostage by a hit man (James Gandolfini of HBO’s The Sopranos) to ensure the pistol’s safe delivery. Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts in one movie? The studio is banking that these beautiful stars’ box-office appeal will bring in the big spring bucks.

15 MINUTES stars Robert De Niro as a New York police detective who teams up with a fire department investigator, played by Edward Burns (see Celebrated Weekend), to track down a pair of Eastern European killers seeking their 15 minutes of fame. The film also stars Kelsey Grammer, surprise, as a talk-show host. Don’t miss this excellent mix of satire and action.