You’ve heard of farm-to-table, but how about farm-to-bottle? That’s the philosophy behind BONE SPIRITS, a Texas-based small-batch distillery that manufactures its own vodka, gin, corn whiskey and moonshine entirely from scratch. They begin by sourcing milled corn from local farmers, then they cook, ferment, bottle and label it all under the same roof. The result: a bevy of both sustainably minded and incredibly satisfying liquors. Bone Spirits’ Smiths Premium Vodka is a column-distilled vodka made with purified water, while its Fitch’s Goat Moonshine is handcrafted from fresh-milled corn that’s been cooked slowly into a sweet mash and triple-distilled, resulting in a complex 87-proof spirit with a buttery finish. Mix it with some cranberry juice and tonic, and you’ve got yourself a true Southern party. The Moody June Gin even uses native Texan juniper — handpicked by Bone Spirits’ employees — to create its distinct aroma.

Bone Spirits’ liquors are available in 10 states — including Louisiana, Florida, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas — though their distribution will grow as their production levels do. You can tour the distillery’s Smithville, Texas, facility by appointment.