The UP band by Jawbone


Want to get to know your body better? Try these tools on for size.

The UP band by Jawbone
This device measures steps, calories burned, sleep, mood and food intake. It’s sleek and stylish and comes in a range of colors. By turning the device on sleep mode, it tracks deep and light slumber and waking moments, and a smart alarm reads users’ sleep cycles to know when waking them would be most beneficial to their day. It features an extensive database of food items, as well as the ability to enter a meal or snack via a picture or a bar code. The UP band does not have wireless upload capabilities, so syncing is done by plugging the device into the headphone jack of an Apple or Android phone, iPad or iPod. ($129.99)

The Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband
This bracelet records just about every move you make and even tracks sleep cycle and food consumption when the user logs it online. The band comes in three trendy colors (with additional accessory-band colors available) and, although it’s difficult to put on (the clasp is tricky), it has a series of LED lights that blink when you’ve reached a goal or need some motivation to get off the couch. It also allows users to connect with friends who use a Fitbit. The band syncs wirelessly to computers and smartphones and displays data in a colorful, attractive format. ($99.95)

Nike+ FuelBand
Wearing this band is like having a personal leaderboard on your wrist. At the push of a button, it announces steps, time, calories and fuel, a formula invented by Nike+ to calculate activity levels based on weight and gender. The display allows users to check how close they are to meeting fitness goals in real time. Data downloads wirelessly to a website or app, and users can share progress with others. The band is easy to slip on and comes in black, ice black and white. Unlike UP and Fitbit, the FuelBand does not have food- or sleep-tracking capabilities. ($149)

- Monitors heart rate using the iPhone camera

CureTogether - Allows users to share symptoms and treatments for more than 600 health conditions

Dailymile - Enables social-minded self-trackers­ to record workouts through photos and videos and find partners and races

Daytum - Helps users collect, categorize and communicate daily activities

Everyday - Compiles a time-lapse video of a user’s face using self-submitted photos to track changes in appearance over an extended period - Turns smartphone data into health insights through behavioral analytics

HonestBaby - Allows child-development tracking

In Flow - Tracks emotions and habits to help users better understand themselves and their ever-changing moods

ITrackMyTime - Helps users visualize their daily activities so they can be more efficient 

Meal Snap - Estimates calories in a meal based on photos

Mint - Tracks financial activity and spending

Momento - Allows users to make journal entries using text or photos

MoodPanda - Tracks daily mood

MyFitnessPal - Allows users to log meals in an online journal

RescueTime - Tracks computer usage to better manage time

RunKeeper - Tracks running distance, time, pace and approximate calories burned

Sleep Time - Tracks sleep time and quality

Stress Check - Determines stress level through heart rate