Hetherington: Wireless, especially for entertainment networks, is not there yet. My experience with wireless speakers and other components is less than stellar. The future may be wireless, but we have to live in the present.

American Way: I'm not sure which technologies I want, but I know I want to be ready for them when I do decide. How should I prepare?

When building a new home, the main thing to do is install wire, and then more wire, and then some more wire still. Yes, some of it will be irrelevant in the future, but it's not expensive to do. And if it's not there when you want it, you'll be dealing with a big headache and big bills.

American Way: When you say "wire," what do you mean? Fiber optic?

Fiber optic is not necessary in my opinion. You want Cat5 wire for communications and data networks, RG6 wire for video distribution, and good quality speaker wire for multiroom audio, and some Cat5 wire may be required for control of the multiroom system.

American Way: What trends are you seeing in home technology?

We're moving from wild technology development to solid product availability. More and more new homes are being fitted with some sort of wiring network, and manufacturers are developing products that take advantage of this infrastructure.

American Way: What's the next big thing in the home technology market?

I'm not sure that there is a next big thing. There are already more big things than we need; now, we just need to implement them in the real marketplace.

American Way: What's your favorite example of recent home technology?