vietnam (1964-1972)
guest stars:
jill st. john, raquel welch, anita bryant, phyllis diller, rosey grier
memorable lines: “greetings, advisers!” and, “i asked secretary of defense mcnamara if i can go to vietnam this year, and his answer was, ‘why not? we’ve tried everything else.’”

operation desert shield (1990)
guest stars:
ann jillian, marie osmond, the pointer sisters, johnny bench
memorable line: “it’s really something out here. i’ve got sand in places i didn’t even know i had.”

hope on film

from nearly 70 films, here’s a list of bob hope’s personal favorites (all available on vhs and/or dvd).

the big broadcast of 1938 (1938)
a wise-cracking hope steals the show from w.c. fields.

road to utopia (1945)
special to hope because “i finally got [dorothy] lamour.”

monsieur beaucaire (1946)
hope as a bumbling court barber sent on an espio-nage mission in the time of louis xv.

fancy pants (1950)
also starring lucille ball, this story reveals hope’s skill as a character actor.

the seven little foys (1955)
a connection to hope’s own vaudeville past. a dance duet with james cagney could be hope’s favorite career moment.