It’s time to yield to your shoe obsession. (Or, at the very least, to visit one of these unforgettable shoe salons to see what all the fuss is about.)— Becca Hensley

Just for Men: Bespoke Shoes
Gentlemen, do you balk at all this Jimmy Choo gibberish? Does the idea of a closet like Imelda Marcos’s, overflowing with footwear, daze and confuse you? Is your only motivation for buying new shoes the need that comes after your dog chews up your old ones? Well, we’ve got news for you. While women might spend outrageous amounts of money on uncomfortable, trendy shoes that probably won’t be in style next year, the few pairs you buy can age like a great scotch, last forever (we repeat: forever), and be so comfortable (you lucky devil) you’ll swear you’re wearing slippers. Why? Because they’re made to measure — just for your feet, your build, and your body weight. The shoes are handsewn, so you’ll pay a pretty penny for the privilege — $1,200 and up — but aficionados say once you go bespoke, you’ll never go back to the rack.

Best bets:
Anello and Davide,
Il Riccio di Rossi Michele,
John Lobb Ltd.,
James Taylor and Sons,
 Botticelli Limited Experience, Amsterdam
Use plasma screens and a control panel to customize your own “trainers” at this futuristic interactive flagship boutique for women, children, and men. You can choose the color, material, and form, and then see your creation in 3-D. Leidsestraat 61, 011-31-20- 528960,

Otto Tootsi Plohound, New York City
So many styles, so little time. Clubby, funky, and immense, this store is the sort where nobody leaves with just one box. Cure your craving with platform shoes, boots, kitten heels, bowling shoes, and Mary Janes. Be sure to shop the store’s own label and save by scooping up deals during the end-of-the-season sales. 137 Fifth Avenue, (212) 460-8650

The Signet Bureau, Melbourne
Swoon over the ornate, handcrafted, design-forward shoes of Preston Zly. Mostly leather, and adorned with bits of straw, crystal, or metal, these creations belie the mass-market, trendy approach to footwear. Made by artists, the flawlessly cobbled shoes are unique and infinitely wearable. Try the artsy Gertrude Street location. 165 Gertrude Street, 011-9417-2176

Morgan Miller, Miami Beach
Inspired by a childhood trip to Capri, where she bought made-to-order sandals on the beach, Miller reinterprets her experience with this Miami shoe shop. A contemporary symphony in white, the salon is stimulation for inventive production: Clients craft their own shoes, choosing the straps, a base, and an accessory, and wait just 30 minutes for their personal masterpiece. The Aventura Mall, 19757 Biscayne Boulevard, (305) 932-3451,

Stefi Talman, Zurich
Like little sculptures for the feet, Talman’s Swissinfused designs incorporate the tenets of architecture with contemporary styling and bright colors. Made for women, the irresistible footwear, from ankle boots to pumps, exudes elegance. Oberdorfstrasse 13, 011-41-44-252-81-10,

Bob Ellis Shoes, Charleston
Looking for a Manolo Blahnik in size 3.5 AAAA? Then head to Bob Ellis Shoes, the South’s most famous shoe hall and a Charleston landmark for over 50 years. It specializes in hard-to-find sizes (from 3.5 to 12 and AAAA to B widths for women, and from 6.5 to 15 for men) and is touted for its superior customer service. 332 King Street, (843) 722-2515,