It’s a Heady Companion 
Cardo Systems’ Scala-500 Bluetooth headset packs a punch with its tiny (.58 oz.) package: great voice quality with exceptional wind blocking; a range of up to 30 feet between headset and phone; an eyeglasses/sunglasses hook; and a universal adapter that lends Bluetooth connectivity to any cell phone. About $79 to $119. cardowireless­.com
— Chris Tucker

Meet Your New Executive Assistant
Ditch that day planner; Palm’s LifeDrive doesn’t just organize your schedule, but also your entire existence. Thank the portable PDA’s 4 GB hard drive and built-in WiFi/Bluetooth features. Users can quickly­ store and transfer songs, photos, video, and voice recordings, as well as Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents. Remotely check e-mail, surf the web, and read/edit reports, or just send jealous coworkers pictures from Maui. $499.
— Scott Steinberg

A Glossy Finish 
Relax, shutterbugs … as ubiquitous as camera phones now are, you need never miss a photo op again. And as accessories go, Fuji Photo Film’s MP-70 Digital Mobile Printer — a wireless, seven-ounce handheld unit — provides a picture-perfect finish. Print up to 3 MP-quality snaps from anywhere using your handset, laptop, or PDA via infrared or USB connection, and then be ready to accept your credit-card-size glossies approximately 20 seconds later. $99.
— S.S.