Clear as a Bell, ER ... Helmet
Can’t imagine a bleaker fate than cell-phone silence, even while burning the asphalt on a motorcycle? Cardo Systems’ Scala-rider Bluetooth headset lets you keep up the chatter, thanks to a wind-resistant microphone that fits inside a helmet. The Scala-rider weighs less than half an ounce, and a Bluetooth adapter makes it work with any standard cell phone. Best of all, it’s voice-activated, so you can keep your hands on the handlebars. $155. — Chris Tucker

Start from Scratch(less)
Here’s progress on that ever-irritating problem of CDs or DVDs that, despite your best efforts, somehow get scratched. The Scratch-Less Disc uses a series of tiny “AeroBumps” to shield the disc from contact with alien forces. No, it’s not absolutely scratchproof — meaning no guarantees if you pound away with a mallet and a railroad spike — but this is a step toward that perfect day. About $10 for a package of 10 at Microcenter;­ $13 from — C.T.

Portable Pal
Simplify, simplify. That’s the mantra for the RCA Rip & Go Digital Music Studio from Thomson, which makes it easier than ever to move your music. The bookshelf audio system comes with its own digital MP3 player, which plugs into a docking base atop the unit. Just put a CD in the five-disc changer or turn on the AM/FM radio, press Record, and your tunes migrate to the player ASAP — no PC needed. New models due this year will add a second USB port for ripping MP3 files and a 2.4 GHz link to enable wireless streaming of music. $70 to $300 at Best Buy and other retailers. — C.T.