Courtesy Click & Grow

If having a green thumb has escaped you, Click & Grow might be the perfect solution. The battery-operated smartpots grow charming little flowers, fragrant herbs and even minitomatoes with a virtually foolproof system. “Due to the fast pace of life, the majority of us tend to forget about our plants,” company CEO Mattias Lepp says. “Even if we remember to care for them, there’s always guesswork.” With Click & Grow starter kits and refill cartridges, basil, lemon balm, sage, coriander, French marigold, cockscomb and more flourish because of the near-perfect combination of automatic watering and fertilization built right in. Just insert four batteries, fill the water reservoir (which helpfully blinks to alert you when it’s low) and place it in a spot with good natural light. Who knows? You might even sprout a legitimate green thumb.