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Talking pop with the Elected’s Blake Sennett

As a former member of the now-defunct indie-rock group Rilo Kiley, Blake Sennett has a wealth of experience crafting catchy pop tunes. But the 34-year-old California native has another outlet for his melody-rich songwriting chops too: His band, the Elected, just released its third album, Bury Me in My Rings (Vagrant Records, $11). After listening to the group’s summer-perfect collection of easy-breezy ditties, we had to know which other pop songs Sennett wishes he’d written. He spills:

Katy Perry, “Teenage Dream”
“It’s so effortless. Katy’s got such a good voice, and the song has an ’80s quality.”

Beyoncé, “If I Were a Boy”
“I think Beyoncé could sell even the crappiest song. But there’s something interesting about the song’s perspective that I hadn’t heard before.”

Michael Bublé, “Haven’t Met You Yet”
“He’s totally [awesome] at singing. It’s a secret little guilty pleasure.”

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Lyrically Speaking

“His heart was a house that was abandoned /
With no one to haunt it, just you if you want it.”

The Wooden Birds,
“Cross My Heart”
Two Matchsticks
(Barsuk Records, $12)