WHO Founder and chair, Black Geeks Online

SURFING MANIFESTO Don’t waste time or bandwidth! As an “info griot,” I’m bombarded with provocative news and information. I tend to search, verify, and get back to work.

The Black World Today
I especially like the commentaries by guest columnists — thought leaders who are seldom quoted in mainstream media.

DC Web Women
A gathering place (online and off) for D.C. women interested in new media.

As in, female people who love tech. Its services include a Mentor Match and PR files of rising (and arrived) stars in IT and new media.

If you strive to be congruent — seeking to be the same person at work that you are in life — Life@Work blends high-quality design and content with biblical wisdom and business excellence.

Virtual Support Services
No technology has helped me with the burden of information overload like having a virtual assistant. This company provides personalized support services for mobile workers.