What It Tastes Like

Andrew Zimmern’s top five most disgusting foods:

1. Stinky tofu “This is actually a popular late-night snack in parts of Asia, but I don’t know why. It’s a tofu made out of fermented soy milk [that’s] aged for weeks in a brine that is the equivalent of dumpster juice.”

2. Fermented whale bluberb
“This is blubber that they let ferment and putrefy at room temperature, sitting in its own oil while it is aging. It’s a real treat months later when the shriveled pieces of aromatic meat are plucked from the oil and eaten. Two or three bites will raise your body temperature a few degrees, which is one of the most amazing physical reactions to food I have ever experienced. I can say, unequivocally, that this is the world’s most horrendously textured food. It reeks of ammonia and is an oily mess.”

3. Iguana eggs
“I’ve had eggs of all sorts and varieties, but none have come close to this. In Nicaragua, they [eat] raw egg yolk from a lizard. Its shell is like an old balloon. Upon chewing it, the shell won’t break apart, but the yolk oozes out, leaving the rubbery shell to sit in your mouth.”

4. Hákarl
“This is a an acquired taste, even for the Greenlandic folk. It’s months-old rotted and fermented air-dried Greenland ice shark. They let it hang in these open-air sheds and just cut off slices straight from the flesh. It’s officially the world’s second-worst tasting fish.”

5. Funa zushi
“It’s a five-year-old nasty lake fish that’s packed with salt and aged for a year before being repacked in rice and allowed to rot in large wooden casks for four more years. After about five years, it’s prepared by being dried and sliced thin. This is impossible to consume for the average human.”