These 10 DVDs and box sets are our picks for what’s hot in film this holiday season.
Whether you’re looking for something to add to your wish list or trying to cross someone off, these’ll do the job.

For the kids (okay, okay, we lie, it’s really for the kid in you): Shrek 2 ($18)

It was based on nothing, but it meant every­thing to us: Seinfeld Gift Set (includes first three seasons) ($120)

The movie addict’s quotable heaven: The Happy Gilmore/Billy Madison
Collection ($28)

Edge-of-your-seat thrills perfect for adrenaline junkies: The Bourne
Supremacy ($30)

Before Will, Adam, and Jerry, there were the original kings of comedy: The Marx Brothers Silver Screen
Collection ($60)

Some liked it, some didn’t, but we did, and that’s all that matters to us: Collateral ($20)

Will Ferrell in green tights and elf shoes — it’s all you’ll need for a quick holiday pick-me-up: Elf ($30)

One of the few successful comic-book-to-film transitions — twice. A DVD two-pack including Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 editions ($30)

Kevin Smith’s classic master­piece. Need we say more? Clerks X
Edition ($35)

With the wave of a wand, there’ll be smiles all around: The Potter Collection (Harry Potter six-disc set of all three films) ($60)