How? We create a virtual adolescent environment. Our expert technicians help you experience again the wonder of raging hormones. You'll be furious one moment, sullen the next. We then arrange cliques to help you feel the nerve-racking sensation of being left out of the cool group.

There's a dance on the last night to help amp up your anxiety about your body, your relations with the opposite sex, and your social standing. We teach you to mumble and even put realistic-looking pimples on your face.

Adolescence is the adventure of a lifetime. And when finished going through it a "second" time, you'll be more than happy to be the age you are.

2. Parenting with Ozzy. Perhaps the greatest adventure in life is raising a family.

But it's tough work. We all need help sometimes. Wouldn't it be great to spend time with an expert?

BIGOAF has arranged for you to do just that. No, not with that Brazelton guy. With Ozzy Osbourne.

That's right, you and your family will hang with Black Sabbath lead singer and star of the MTV hit series The Osbournes as he takes you on an adventure in parenting. Along the way, you'll learn the secrets to raising a modern family, such as uttering unintelligibly and swearing constantly.

At the end of your week long time with the great and powerful Oz - whose improbable popularity made him the hit of an exclusive party earlier this year featuring President Bush and a galaxy of political and media stars - we guarantee that you'll come away with a valuable lesson: you've been doing a pretty good job all these years after all.

This is as much an educational vacation as an adventure.

But BIGOAF doesn't just offer true-life adventure vacations. We also provide life-adventure fantasy camps for those unrequited heart's desires. For example: