Sure, you could race cars or swim with sharks. But, for true adventure, try BIGOAF.
You want adventure? We got adventure! We are Best In Global and Offbeat Adventure Fun, also known as BIGOAF, the nation's largest life-adventure tour operator.

Here at BIGOAF, we give you the adventure of a lifetime. Literally.

You could swim with sharks in the Atlantic, shoot rapids in the Amazon, climb mountains in Nepal. But for unsurpassed adrenaline-pumping excitement, what greater adventure is there than making it through adolescence more or less emotionally intact? Or enduring a weekend with the in-laws without incident (at least not one that ends up on the evening news)? Or surviving parenthood with everybody still talking to one another?

Adventure is different things to different people. For some, it is the rush of doing something daring. For others, it's testing one's mettle against the unpredictable and even the harrowing. Still others see it as a way to face their fears.

Whatever you seek from your adventure, we at BIGOAF believe that there is no greater adventure than the thrills and spills of life itself.

But sometimes you miss the adventure of life for all the living you're doing. That's why we have developed our unique vacations, based on life itself.

Check out just a couple of our boutique life-adventures below:

1. The Wonder (We Survived 'Em) Years. Everybody wants to be young again. Except the young. They know what we forgot, which is that youth sucks.

It is a time of feeling persecuted by parents, betrayed by peers, and upended by boyfriends and girlfriends.

Here at BIGOAF, we help you remember that special time so that you never want to be young again.