New York’s the Benjamin hotel not only has an Executive Nap program, but a “sleep concierge” as well. Here are Eileen McGill’s tips for the ultimate snooze.

How much sleep do we need?
According to experts, at least seven hours.

If I’m tired, will a nap help?
Yes, with a one-hour nap you get slow-wave sleep and rapid eye movement that helps preserve long-term memory and is more refreshing. But a 30-minute nap is better than no nap.

What pillows do you recommend?
For neck pain from sitting at a computer, the jelly neck roll. If you’re missing your partner, the five-foot body pillow.

Who’s most interested in sleep?
Business travelers, by far. Leisure travelers push it. They know they can sleep on the plane.

If all this talk of sleep has made you, well, sleepy, then call a “meeting” and check in to the Benjamin. Its napping program comes with a midday turndown, sleep mask, soothing
lavender oil, and a relaxing herbal drink. And, of course, a wake-up call. (866) 222-2365,