"I like going to La Bombonera. It's been around for a hundred years, maybe longer. For breakfast, it's
really packed. A lot of locals. You can
get anything, but I like the mallorcas, which are bread and cheese with sugar on top. It's a type of doughnut that's terrific. You'll get fat quickly, but it's good. Anyone who goes to San Juan should try one of those."

"The island of Culebra
is really great. It's untouched, undeveloped. I went scuba diving there, and it was beautiful. The beaches are quiet and there's fluorescent water. It comes from microbes in the water, which, if you stir, light up like fireflies. You have to go when there's no moon. It's about an hour ride on a ferry. Vieques is beautiful, too. It's more isolated. There's also Mona, which is sort of like the Galapágos Islands. There are species of animals that are only from that place. There's an iguana from Mona and you can only find it on that tiny, deserted island, where you go to swim and see the animals. They have ferries going there. It's a trip, but it's pretty impressive."


I never really acted in Puerto Rico. I did all my acting on the street. I just had a kitsch, you know. 'I'll jump from the bridge. Gimme a dollar. I'll jump from here.' I know there's someone who has a picture of me jumping from the bridge, which is called The Bridge of Two Brothers, that connects Old San Juan to Condado. People jump from that bridge into the ocean. Kids still do it, and I always stop and watch them jump. I was probably 11, 12 back then. There would be tourists there, and I'd be going, 'Here I go! Watch me!' I was just playing the clown. I'd do it for the tourists, and I'd do it for me, just to get those butterflies in my stomach. You could do it maybe 20, 30 times a day. People would take pictures and say, 'Jump again!' Subconsciously, my desire to become an actor began in Puerto Rico.