Culture "The Museo de Arte, in a former hospital, is a great little museum. They show local art and they have shows from outside, too. There's a restaurant in the museum that's fantastic. There are a lot of art galleries in Old San Juan. On the first Tuesday of every month, they have open galleries, where people can go in at night and see all the galleries. You just go from gallery to gallery. There are a lot of people on the street, and it's throbbing with energy."

"There's a hill in Santurce, where I grew up, called Miramar. There's a hotel there called the Excelsior that has a good restaurant downstairs, called Augusto's. It's an upscale, dressy kind of place."

"I like the beach at Ocean Park. That's where everybody used to hang out. It's the one I know. I could walk from my house to there in no time. But any beach on Puerto Rico is beautiful, and the water is quite warm."

"There are a lot of shops in Old San Juan. But, when I need clothing, I go to Monsieur, in Condado, which is a good men's store. Plaza Las Americas is probably the biggest shopping mall in the Caribbean. It's huge and has everything."

"Via Appia is a good place to have pizza and a beer. It's in Condado, near the beach, where you can watch people go by. Right in front of Via Appia is Zabo, this old house they turned into a restaurant. The food is good and the atmosphere is really nice. They serve Puerto Rican food, but they get creative with their cuisine. Yukiyu is a good sushi place."

"I went to the casinos a little. There's the Condado Plaza Casino. The El San Juan hotel has a good casino, probably the biggest on the island."