"I like the inside of the island. El Yunque, 45 minutes from San Juan, is beautiful. My dad has a little house in El Yunque, where I like to go and kick back. El Yunque is a rainforest on this little island, just green and tropical, junglelike. There are all kinds of paths where you can hike. There are hundreds of different tropical trees and the coqui, a small frog. It's protected national forest. You can also go to Rio Camuy Cave Park, which is hundred of acres of caves. It's pretty impressive."

"There's The Parrot Club in Old San Juan. It has what they call new Latino cuisine. It's funky. It's loud. But really good food. It's a mixture of locals and tourists. The guy who owns it also has Dragonfly, an Asian-Latino place, right in front. I also like an Argentine restaurant called Buenos Aires. Great steaks and rice and beans. And not super-expensive."

"There's a bar called Maria's, which is fun. They make great banana daiquiris. It's on Calle del Cristo, where there's always some kind of nightlife. Old San Juan is pretty small. You can go from place to place and hear live music."


"All of Old San Juan was once a walled city. Every corner of it is interesting. It's got history. El Morro, the old fort, is pretty impressive. I don't think there's a fort in mainland U.S.A. that big, that old. So it's a good sight to see. There's a church, Porta Coeli, in San German, which is one of the oldest churches in the New World. And there's the capital, which is modeled after the one in Washington, D.C., but this one's right near the ocean."