When they’re not skiing or running up and down the Rockies, Aspenites like to unwind in the evening with a good drink and a fine meal. At Range, they readily do both. In fact, Range’s bartender, Ben Sands, won the second annual Aspen Cocktail Classic with his Aspen Sugar Daddy, beating out concoctions like the Aspen Mixtreme, Aspen’s Epic Flag, the Aspendisiac, and more. For the entire year, his libation is the official cocktail of Aspen.

aspen sugar daddy
2 oz. finlandia vodka
1/2 oz. amarula cream liquor
1 oz. cointreau
1/2 oz. pomegranate juice
2 oz. freshie’s fresh lime

pour all ingredients into a shaker with ice; shake till well-blended and very cold. serve straight up in a martini glass with pomegranate and sugar rim, garnished with a wedge of lime.