"My father used to work at a bar called the Cantab, which was kind of a working people's bar in Central Square in Cambridge. Now it's become a more college, alternative place. I might go to B-Side in Cambridge. Good food, nice atmosphere, sort of like your diner atmosphere except nicer, upscale, with a little bit of deco. It's a young crowd, but not oppressive in the overly 'college' sense. We used to go to a bar called Drumlin's, which has now become a bar called the People's Republik. So you can see how the flavor has changed. That's one of the flip sides of gentrification. But there's still a lot of really wonderful places to go."


"When I go home, the first thing I do is go get some coffee at Dunkin' Donuts in Central Square. There is something absolutely magical about Dunkin' Donuts' coffee that you can't get on the West Coast. The coffee there is clearly the greatest coffee on earth. I wish they were in more places. Brookline Lunch in Cambridge is a tiny little place, an old-fashioned mom-and-pop greasy spoon that has great breakfasts."

"The Back Bay area is another gorgeous place to go. In Good Will Hunting, we selected places to film that were kind of, we thought, our landmarks. We shot on The Red Line as it went over the bridge, where you see the whole city on the subway. You can go on the Swan Boats in the Boston Common. It's the place that every public school kid goes to on a field trip at least once in his life. It's an experience, these little Swan Boats that unite all the public school kids of Boston. It's where the Robin Williams character and Matt's character sit down and he gives him a lecture about life. There's something kind of beautiful and serene and yet kind of distinct and Boston specific about it."