Tools of the Trade The latest inventions to keep your yard the best-looking one on the block.

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Dig, cut, weed - do it all with the multitasking Hori Hori Weeder Knifea bladed instrument that was traditionally carried by bonsai enthusiasts into the Japanese mountains to gather samples from rugged cliffs. $35.

The blade of the Heart Hoe is heart-shaped for a purpose - the unique shape makes it easier to outline flower beds and borders. It'll be love at first use with this essential sod remover, hole digger, and weeder with varied cutting angles. From $20.

Six steel tines make The Ripper your best ally in the war against weeds. Slide this sturdy tool under roots to remove them with ease. Even stubborn grass varieties like Saint Augustine and zoysia beat a swift retreat. From $30.

Appease your green conscience and save fuel costs with the Sunlawn EM2 Cordless Electric Mower. Lightweight and powered by two 12-volt batteries, this dream machine maintains medium-size lawns the guilt-free way. $380.

Keep that garden well groomed with the easy-to-maneuver Cordless Dual-Action Hedge Trimmer by Black & Decker. Battery operated, it features dual-action blades that move in opposite directions to ensure professionally styled, straight, and even hedges. $70. At all major hardware stores.

Keep your feet on terra firma and reach high branches at the same time with the rechargeable Cordless Pole Pruning Saw by Black & Decker. Comfortable to hold, this eight-inch bar-and-chain blade cuts branches up to six inches in diameter and reaches up to 14 feet overhead. From $140. At all major hardware stores.