Day Seven Finally! It’s the last day of my dollar-store adventure. My husband and I decide to celebrate by having movie night, and we surround ourselves with an array of 99-cent munchies. We have popcorn, stale movie-size Butterfingers and Luxury Wafers that turn out to be a cruel joke, as I open the package to discover that the chocolate filling has completely melted all over the inside of the tin.

When my week of 99-cent living was over, I found myself overjoyed and relieved. Sure, it’s possible to live off the dollar store. But a bargain is never truly a bargain if the product is unusable. (Don’t even get me started on the kitchen knife that was so flimsy it couldn’t cut through a tomato — let alone a tin can — or the trash bags that weren’t even sturdy enough to hold the remainder of the products I was eager to get out of my house.) That’s not to say I won’t return to 99 Cent Rush. They have the granola bars I like (as long as I can eat them quickly), and I’ll never forget the day I found a set of old-fashioned Champagne glasses (made of real glass!) that were a hit at my last dinner party.

But for now, I’m just glad to have my brand-name toilet paper back. I guess there are some things in life that you just can’t scrimp on.