Technology at your fingertips? It’s not always so simple. Especially if you’re a skier fumbling to get your iPhone out of your jacket to answer a call or change a song. BEARTEK GLOVES puts an end to this frustration with a wearable technology that keeps you connected even as you enjoy the great outdoors. Designed for skiers, motorcyclists and other sports enthusiasts, BearTek combines warmth and protection with convenient Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. Thanks to touch-pad sensors embedded in the fingers, the gloves allow you to field a phone call, change a playlist or operate a GoPro camera with safe and easy single-hand controls. No need to take your gloves off — and no need to handle your wireless device. Just tap your thumb against the touch-pad finger sensors to send a signal to your phone or camera, all without interrupting your run or ride. 

$275 for motorcycle glove, $250 for snow glove and $225 for the classic winter glove;