CLYDE DREXLER is on his way to the NBA Hall of Fame (he’s eligible in 2003), thanks to his 15 years as a guard with Portland and Houston. What’s the 6-foot-7-inch father of three been doing since he retired in 1998?

AW: Last year you were a basketball coach at the University of Houston. What made you decide to give thatup, and what have you been doing lately?

CD: I really enjoyed coaching the Cougars for the past two seasons. It gave me the opportunity to give back to my alma mater. I liked being involved in basketball on a daily basis, but I felt that I needed to step away and spend time with my kids.

AW: Do you keep in touch with any of the old Phi Slamma Jamma teammates?

CD: At the end of my playing career, I was reunited with Hakeem Olajuwon during my stint with the Rockets. We have lunch together at least once a month. In addition, I see Michael Young quite often.

AW: Any plans of coaching in the pros like Doc Rivers, Larry Bird, and others have done?

CD: Right now I’m going to concentrate on my family. I will never say never and will always keep my options open.