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While visiting my parents over Christmas, I stumbled upon a closet full of old baseball equipment that I probably hadn’t used (or seen) in a decade. After a great game of catch with my dad, I asked if I could take the glove back with me. His response: No, it was my brother’s. (Truth be told, I think he just wanted to hold on to it so I’d come home for another toss.) Still, I wanted one of my own. Whether you’re joining the company softball team or just wanting to make some baseball memories with your son, these six mitts cover all the bases.

Nokona AMG 1200

Handmade of Prime leather in Nocona, Texas, this pro-level infielder’s mitt -- from Nokona’s Bloodline series -- fits nearly as snug as a batting glove. It’s ideal for the shortstop looking to take his game to the next level. $265. www.nokona.com

Wilson A700

Hewn from butter-soft Ecco leather and outfitted with shock-absorbing palm padding and an ultra-breathable wrist lining, this outfielder’s glove provides maximum cushioning and comfort for a minimal price. $60. www.wilson.com Mizuno GMVP 1200P The Ultra Soft stamp on the lining of this cush pitcher’s glove is almost an understatement. The bio-retro steer hide provides a great hand feel and the tartan web keeps nearly every ball in its clutches. $100. www.mizunousa.com

Akadema USA 241

New Jersey’s Akadema has earned raves from pros like Gary Carter for its Praying Mantis catchers’ mitts. Why? Double-sided padding, additional finger hammocks, and a Stress Wedge between the thumb and index finger decrease impact while increasing pocket size. $245. www.akademapro.com

Rawlings Primo PRM1150T

New technology (think Dual Core position-specific break points) meets old-school craftsmanship (hand-sewn welts). The hand feel alone, though, makes it the Cadillac -- or should we say Ferrari? -- of baseball gloves, and it’s got the price tag to prove it. $400. www.rawlings.com

Mizuno GFE 1301 Franchise Excel

With its expanded pocket (32 percent bigger than standard slow-pitch mitts), this 13-inch utility softball glove was the most versatile we tested. Thanks to a PalmSoft lining and Parashock palm pad, it was also the most comfortable. $75. www.mizunousa.com