April means baseball and this year baseball means a break for fans — on ticket prices, anyway. Major league teams are holding and even lowering prices to attract patrons. About a dozen teams — such as the New York Mets and Tampa Bay Devil Rays — are raising prices only for the most competitive matches, lowering them for less-popular draws, and holding steady for the rest. In the past, teams would raise all seat prices by the same percentage, instead of scaling increases according to a matchup’s popularity with fans. “Variable pricing means, for the average fan, a much more affordable experience,” says Dan Migala, executive editor of Team Marketing Report.
Teams also are offering more discounted packages, he says. Some examples: The Minnesota Twins introduced an 81-game season ticket package for $200, and the Milwaukee Brewers slashed upper deck terrace prices to $4 from $12 for individual games. With these kinds of deals, you can take the whole office out to the ballpark.