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How well do you know America’s favorite family?

THIS MONTH, FOX AND DIRECTOR MORGAN SPURLOCK are unleashing The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special – in 3-D! on Ice!, a dazzling documentary special that dives into the history of everyone’s favorite Springfieldians. After 20 seasons — 23 if you include the 48 shorts that aired over three seasons on The Tracey Ullman Show — and still counting, The Simpsons is not only the longest-running American animated series in history but also the longest-running American sitcom. We’ve assembled this quiz to celebrate the show’s phenomenal two-decade run and to test how closely you’ve been paying attention to the exploits of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson.

1. By what wrong name does Moe (Szyslak) the bartender frequently call Marge Simpson?
A. Mable
B. Marcia
C. Midge
D. Margie

2. Who is Bart Simpson’s nemesis?
A. Nelson Muntz
B. Rev. Timothy Lovejoy
C. Kearney Zzyzwicz
D. Sideshow Bob

3. What is the name of Springfield’s rival town?
A. Ogden Town
B. Shelbyville
C. North Haverbrook
D. Capital City

4. Rainier Wolfcastle, the fictional actor who plays McBain, also portrays which ill-fated movie character?
A. Radioactive Man
B. Senator Mendoza
C. Buzzkill
D. Dr. Colossus

5. What does Homer Simpson’s middle initial, J, stand for?
A. Julius
B. John
C. Jay
D. Joseph

6. Which one of the following characters did the late Phil Hartman not voice?
A. Lionel Hutz
B. Johnny Tightlips
C. Lyle Lanley
D. Troy McClure

7. Who shot C. Montgomery Burns?
A. Waylon Smithers
B. Maggie Simpson
C. Homer Simpson
D. Marge Simpson

8. What does Bart Simpson say after he peers inside the offices of MAD Magazine?
A. “Ay, caramba!”
B. “Is that Alfred E. Neuman?”
C. “I’d like the grand tour, please!”
D. “Wow! I will never wash these eyes again.”

9. What milestone episode did The Simpsons pass this season?
A. 350
B. 400
C. 450
D. 500

10. What job does Homer Simpson take when he relocates his family to Capital City?
A. Baseball mascot
B. Radio host
C. Monorail conductor
D. Astronaut

11. In its original incarnation, what could be found on Homer Simpson’s head?
A. A toupee
B. Bigger eyes
C. A smaller nose
D. Matt Groening’s initials

12. Where does the Who perform in Springfield?
A. On a river barge
B. Atop a wall of garbage
C. On the roof of Moe’s Tavern
D. In the Springfield Mall

13. What was Maggie Simpson’s first word?
A. Mommy
B. Daddy
C. Maggie
D. D’oh!

14. Where does Lisa Simpson work in adulthood in the episode “Bart to the Future”?
A. The White House
B. The New York Times
C. The National Organization for Women
D. Greenpeace

15. As punishment for his poor behavior, which movie is Bart Simpson banned from seeing?
A. Radioactive Man
B. A Matrix Christmas
C. Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie
D. Star Trek XII: So Very Tired

Answers: 1. C, 2. D, 3. B, 4. A, 5. C, 6. B, 7. B, 8. D, 9. C, 10. A, 11. D (forming the hairline and ear), 12. B, 13. B, 14. A, 15. C