"Another one of my favorite restaurants is Chez Panisse, across the bay over in Berkeley. It's a legendary restaurant, the birthplace of California cuisine. The menu changes every night because they only serve the freshest food, whatever's in season. Everything comes from local farmers and ranchers, and it's all organic. If you don't want the price-fixed, three- or four-course menu they serve in the restaurant, you can also eat at the Chez Panisse Café, which is more casual but still great."


"A perfect Sunday includes a walk or bike ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. It's more than just the city's most famous landmark, it's also one of the longest bridges in the world. The views from the bridge are amazing. I also like to go golfing at The Ritz, Half Moon Bay, or The Olympic Club. My dad and I like to golf together. He's really good. I don't get to go that often, so my game could be better."

"Su Hong in Menlo Park, a half-hour outside of the city, is a famous Chinese restaurant. I like the round table by the window with the Lazy Susan, so we can do everything family-style. I love their appetizers. We order pot stickers, spring rolls, Chinese chicken salad, Mongolian beef, and fried rice with no vegetables but with extra egg. And fried bananas for dessert."


I recently did a photo shoot at Pac Bell Park in the outfield bleachers. I had never really sat out there before, and that day I realized what great seats they are. Watching a ballgame at our park, you can't get a bad seat the way it's designed. But after that day in the outfield, I realized just how great watching a game out there would be. You get to see the whole field from such a different perspective. From every seat, you can see the Bay Bridge and the marina. One of the best things about San Francisco is the people, and you'll see them at Pac Bell. This city has some of the greatest fans, as well as just down-to-earth people.