"How about the ballpark? When I was a kid, I used to go to Candlestick Park to see my godfather and dad play. Back then, I was so inspired, and when I walked on the field at Candlestick in 1993 to play for the same team, the feeling was unexplainable. Today we play at Pacific Bell Park, the first privately financed ballpark in major-league baseball since Dodger Stadium was built in the '60s. That's where I spend most of my Sundays. There's a lot for kids to do at Pac Bell. At the Coca-Cola Fan Lot, kids can run the bases, play the game at attractions like the Speed Pitch, and learn about the Giants' history, while getting a perfect view of the city in the distance. There's also the Coca-Cola Superslide, a big, winding slide in a giant Coke bottle."

"Pac Bell Park has some great food. From what I hear, the garlic fries are top-notch. Also, Orlando Cepeda has a little food stand called Orlando's Caribbean BBQ. It's great food and a good alternative to the norm. The jerk chicken bowl is awesome. It has jerk chicken, pineapple salsa, and black beans. You could also argue that nothing beats a hot dog and cold soda on a hot day at the ballpark."
"San Francisco is known for having the best sourdough bread and for its Ghirardelli chocolate. The best place to pick up some of the chocolate is at the original location, Ghirardelli Square, near Fisherman's Wharf. As far as sourdough bread goes, it's all over the city. But some of the best is at Boudin Bakery and Café. My wife loves to shop in the city, at Neiman Marcus, Burberry, and the other shops around Union Square, the noted shopping district right in the middle of the city. Another place that's great for shopping that's not too far away is the Stanford Shopping Center. It's outdoors and is great to walk around if it's a warm day. There's a place there my wife likes to eat at called Zao Noodle Bar."