"My favorite restaurant is Tommy Toy's. It's really elegant, with Oriental art and furnishings. My wife and I always order their Signature Dinner, which is a bargain at $58 per person. You start off with seafood bisque. Then there's lobster, then Peking duck, and, finally, medallions of beef. And after that, dessert. We know the owner, Tommy, so we really enjoying going in and eating and visiting."

"The Bay Area is great for entertainment. So if there's a good concert in town, we go. You can go to so many different places. Another thing we like to do is go and see plays or musical productions. We've seen Phantom of the Opera, which is my favorite, and Miss Saigon, and Chicago, my wife's favorite, and we took the kids to see The Wizard of Oz, to name a few. San Francisco has great theaters. Our favorite is the Orpheum, which is more than 70 years old but was recently restored by our friend in the Hays Organization."


"I usually don't go out for breakfast, but when I do, I like Max's Diner. It's a '50s-style diner with booths and a jukebox. They have great omelets and cornflake French toast. But they don't open until 11 a.m. If you want to eat earlier, there's Max's on the Square, a bigger restaurant in Union Square, and Max's Diner in Oakland, which opens at 7."
"The museums are great. There's the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the newest, and some say the best, museum; the Asian Art Museum in Civic Center; and the smaller museums like the Chinese Culture Center in Chinatown and the North Beach Museum in the Italian district. Of course, you also have Fisherman's Wharf and Pier 39. And out in the bay, Alcatraz Island, which was a prison from 1934 until 1963 and is now a major tourist sight. We also like the aquarium out at the Pier."