"You have to visit the main Cathedral. It's huge. It has a lot of beautiful chapels, but what's special about it is its interior courtyard with its trees and little pond with geese and ducks. The Cathedral is a hub of the city. At noon, you'll see the local sardana, the traditional cotillion kind of dance. You'll see people dancing this slow dance in a circle, sometimes wearing traditional dress. There are a lot of older people and children, and it's charming. There is also a flea market in the square in front of the Cathedral. I'm a big antiques junkie.They had some nice little figurines like you'd find in the old churches. They're all made of composition or wood, they are beautifully painted, and some of them are really expressive."

"Cal Pep doesn't have a sign on the outside, but it's the most incredible seafood restaurant. It's near Santa Maria Del Mar. It doesn't look like anything on the outside, just a doorway.You don't even know it's there. You have to reserve ahead, and then you go inside where they serve you course after course of the most incredible seafood dishes, a million different courses until you can eat no more."   

"Barcelona is a very safe city, I have to say, but I used to walk home alone sometimes. I was young and stupid, and would walk home - about an hour from where we had the night shoots - by myself. I never felt menaced or unsafe then. The only time I ever felt unsafe was one time when I was rollerblading down by the port. It seemed to me that I was being followed by two guys on bicycles. Being a New Yorker and thinking, Oh, I'm being followed, I looked over my shoulder one too many times and tripped and fell. Immediately, the people I thought were pursuing me ran up to help me and called an ambulance. I had fractured my jaw, and these two strangers took me from one hospital to the next and translated and did everything for me. I had to have stitches; I had to have all of this stuff done. I couldn't have been in a more friendly, helpful place to be injured. People couldn't have been nicer. Everybody was bending over backward to help me, and they didn't know that I was an actress or anything. I was completely unknown at the time, so it was just people being friendly and taking care of somebody."