"I would just pick any local bakery/coffee shop and grab a piece of cake and coffee, because everywhere you go has good coffee. You don't have to seek it out. If you're an early riser, just find the first place that's open and have a café con leche and some kind of pastel, pastry."

"The last time I was in Barcelona, it was while I was first in love with my boyfriend, Olivier Martinez, and we spent all of our time walking around at night in the Barrio Gothico. It's so beautiful and spiritual, a very wonderful place to be with somebody you love. The rest of the city is much more modern, but the Barrio Gothico is really medieval and a little bit spooky. It used to be dangerous, sort of a red-light district, but now it's been cleaned up, and since the Olympics, it's very safe. It's a warm, human, old area of the city, which I think is really beautiful. I love old churches, and there's an amazing one in the Barrio Gothico called Santa Maria del Mar. In the Barrio Gothico you're close to the port, the Cathedral, a lot of the things that are going on."

"All of Antoni Gaudí's architecture is amazing. It's all over Barcelona, and any guidebook will tell you the various places. You have to visit the Gaudí buildings, especially La Sagrada Família, the Sacred Family. He didn't finish it, but it was his idea of how to make a church, and it's pretty awesome.You'll never see anything like it anywhere else in the world. You have to climb up into the towers and look down from inside. It's really whimsical. You have to see his other buildings, too. Like the Casa Milà, which sort of looks like a mermaid. Everything about it is fishlike with scales."

"There's an antiques street, Carrer de Banys Nous, which basically means 'new bath.' There must have been baths on this street a long time ago. Now, it's the antiques street right near the Cathedral. Barcelona also has El Corte Inglés, their sort of Neiman Marcus or Macy's, a big department store where you can get everything. You should also just head for Passeig de Gràcia, the main street that has a lot of great shops."

"For brunch, a great place to go is El Gran Café in the Barrio Gothico. It has wonderful turn-of-the-century décor. You know, kind of art nouveau with wood and brass. They have terrific egg dishes and smoked salmon with blinis. I always had terrific food there in the daytime."

"You have to walk up and down La Rambla, a famous street leading all the way down to the port area. The Gipsy Kings even mention it in one of their songs. They say, 'I'm walking down the Ramblas of Barcelona,' in Spanish. It's a place where there's a lot of street activity: mimes and portrait painters, kiosks, newsstands, places where you can buy all kinds of guidebooks and foreign magazines. Everybody is walking past each other, looking at each other. It's also nice to take a walk along the beach toward the Olympic Stadium area. There is this strange bronzy-gold, high-in-the-sky sculpture, which I always thought of as either a fish or a tri-cornered hat. If you get close to that sculpture, you'll soon arrive at Moll de la Fusta, a promenade with good open-air restaurants."