Getting back to your letters column, I agree that people don't write letters anymore. Growing up, I loved to get letters in the mail. Did you ever have one of those long-distance relationships in which you wrote a letter a day? Now we get only bills and junk mail in our mailboxes. When I went off to college, my parents were living in Taiwan. My mom was a great cook, and she told me that for each typed letter I sent to them, she would send me one of her recipes. I still have all those index cards with many of my favorite dishes on them.

Kevin R. Sheehan, Arlington, Virginia
Dear Kevin: Since we're trying to get our holiday dishes in order, do you think that if we wrote you a letter a day, we could get our hands on some of your mom's great recipes? Please?

One of the things I look forward to on business trips is American Way. The celebrity city tours are always highlights but not often something I can relate to. Sandra Oh, however, took me to a place that wasn't filled with hotels and restaurants that were listed as "expensive" or "very expensive." Barcelona sounds like a city that everyone can enjoy. Oh made it sound fun and exciting. American Airlines to Madrid and Iberia Airlines to Barcelona - my wife and I are ready! Thanks for this outstanding article.

Paul Brunner, St. Louis, Missouri
Dear Paul: We're always glad when we can offer travel suggestions that don't break the bank (yours or ours).

I am a fairly frequent American Airlines customer, and I always enjoy American Way. The word American appears in your magazine's name, though I have found that your publication offers an international perspective. Just as I consider American Airlines an international airline, I think of your magazine in the same way.

Jukka Terho, Barbados