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Not only will these eateries please your palate, they’ll leave your conscience clean too.

While fresh seafood has long been a demand of top sushi chefs the world over, its sourcing is often dubious, with popular catches like bluefin tuna, unagi (eel) and octopus being overfished and on their way toward becoming endangered. A growing number of sushi restaurants along the West Coast, however, have revamped their menus with sustainably caught fish and creative substitutes that are just as delicious — and significantly less likely to be full of mercury and antibiotics.

1) Tataki Sushi Bar
San Francisco
The first sustainable sushi bar in North America, this trendy restaurant offers many tasty treats, including local line-caught albacore in lieu of the struggling bluefin and twice-cooked sablefish in kabayaki sauce to replace unagi.
Three locations:
2815 California St., (415) 931-1182
1740 Church St., (415) 282-1889
678 Chenery St., (415) 859-9383

 2) Bamboo Sushi
Portland, Ore.
Sleek and modern, Bamboo takes sustainability beyond its seafood and is a certified green restaurant by the Green Restaurant Association.
This means it makes environmentally friendly choices whenever possible across all its menus — seafood, meat and vegetable — and in its business operations.
310 SE 28th Ave., (503) 232-5335

3) Mashiko
Building a strong relationship with local fisheries and other suppliers to ensure a consistently sustainable and traceable catch, this relaxed and charmingly irreverent restaurant transforms catfish into sumptuous unagi-like rolls and offers a variety of other mouthwatering dishes — both traditional and newly inspired.
4725 California Ave. SW, (206) 935-4339