Fitness guru reveals his seven top tips for staying lean during this time of year.

1. Never, ever skip meals. Starving yourself all day because you have a party to attend that night causes you to overeat.

2. Eat before you drink. If you drink alcohol on an empty stomach you will be more prone to eat more of the food you were trying to avoid.

3. Make better “bad” choices. Choose pretzels instead of chips, vegetables instead of nuts, diet soda instead of regular soda, etc.

4. Before you leave home, have a snack such as a nutrition bar or sandwich.

5. Stay consistent. Lift weights and do not miss a workout. Bad food choices lead to bad habits.

6. Set smart goals. Instead of setting a goal of losing 20 pounds during the holidays, try setting a goal of not gaining any weight.

7. Live guilt-free. No one eats perfectly all of the time. If you do, you’re probably a drag to be around during the holidays. If you overeat at a party, just get right back into the flow of your healthy routine with your next meal.