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As serious home-theater enthusiasts know, the perfect screening room can easily set you back tens of thousands of dollars. Thankfully for movie buffs who don’t want to spend a fortune (especially those with spouses), with today’s advances in technology, it’s still possible to score a decent budget build-out. Here’s how to give your den a twenty-first-century makeover without blowing a fuse

Vizio VO37LF

Size matters -- but so does your mortgage payment. Split the difference by making this affordable 37-inch HDMI-ready television the centerpiece of your high-tech playpen. Featuring 1080p resolution (today’s top benchmark), this TV’s picture quality is razor sharp and unmistakably full high-definition. It can be enjoyed from multiple seating angles and in brightly lit areas -- but simply position it facing the couch for instant prime-time gratification. www.costco.com