Child safety has no limit. Which is why Dorel Juvenile Group, an Indiana-based products manufacturer, has spent years developing a car seat fit for the pros. Created to endure energy dynamics similar to what race-car drivers (think Jeff ­Gordon and Jimmie Johnson) might face in a collision, the new Maxi-Cosi Prezi Infant Car Seat features advanced side-impact protection using both G-Cell HX and Air Protect technologies. The former is a patented rebound foam that lines the interior of the car seat, mitigating the effects caused by an initial impact. The latter dispels remaining forces through the precise release of air around a child’s head, continuing to slow movement. And while it’s all about safety first, the Prezi is also stylish, boasting a handful of colors like pink, red and blue, as well as a stowable European-style sun canopy. Talk about effective.