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Mona Lisa? Been there, done that. The Blue Boy? Seen it. Michelangelo's Pietà? Ancient history! But don't think you've done it all. Everyone should see these more obscure - yet just as great - works of art in their lifetime. So put on your glasses and get gazing.

By Becca Hensley

1. Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)
Jackson Pollock, 1950
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Part of a series of immense, eloquent canvases Pollock created that year, this painting manifests the artist's ability to walk the razor's edge between controlled and accidental creation in his work. He was known to pour, drip, and splat paint, and his intuitive, radical technique matched his personality. www.metmuseum.org

2. A Grotesque Old Woman
Quinten Massys, about 1525-1530
The National Gallery, London
Based on a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, this portrait is both whimsical and horrifying. Apelike, she leers from the wall of the National Gallery in perfect satire. Her low-cut bodice and seductive pose should serve as cautions to those who dare to dress in a manner inappropriate for their winter years. www.nationalgallery.org.uk

3.The Burial of the Count of Orgaz
El Greco, 1586
Church of Santo Tomé, Toledo, Spain
In characteristic teal hues and with Byzantine influences, this work hangs in the vestibule of a small church in charming Toledo. Depicting the count's soul ascending to heaven, it also features portraits of El Greco and his son, from whose pocket pokes a piece of paper that states "El Greco made me." Plaza del Conde, 1 y 4, 011-34-925-256098

4. Torso in Metal from 'the Rock Drill'
Sir Jacob Epstein, 1913-1914
Tate Modern, London
Questioning the aggression of the modern world, this alienesque sculpture appears both bellicose and melancholy. His tribal-mask face and armorlike torso suggest a Frankenstein that blends the past with modern times. Displayed under the bright lights of the Tate Modern, Epstein's creature gives us pause. www.tate.org.uk

5. Hand Puppets
Paul Klee, 1916-1925
Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern
Displayed amid the 4,000 works by Klee in this Renzo Piano-designed edifice are some of the 50 hand puppets Klee made for his son, Felix, from found materials such as fur, nuts, bones, and electrical outlets. Primitive, moving, and imaginative, these dolls celebrate childhood. www.paulkleezentrum.ch