"Well, I can tell you one place I don't want to go in Austin: the city jail. I got arrested in Austin once for playing some music too loud. I was jamming two days after the Nebraska game. We had beat 'em, so it was a big celebratory weekend. It was 2:30 in the morning and I was buck-naked at home with the congas. Had the windows open and a new neighbor who'd just moved in back on the block behind me. It was a hot night. Just banging away to some music. Until two cops came in and arrested me. I was so adamant about being in the right, I went all the way to the station buck-naked. I got out of the car and they were like, 'Mr. McConaughey, would you please put some pants on.' And I was like, 'No. This proves my innocence. This shows I was minding my own business.' I was in jail for about 10 hours. You don't want to be there, but I made it as fun as possible. I had some singalongs with some cellmates next to me and riddles going from cell to cell. I met some characters! Not that I wanted to stay and hang with them for a lifetime. What does that story tell me about Austin? You can do whatever you want. Just shut the windows so you don't wake your neighbor."

matthew mcconaughey's austin essentials

four seasons, very expensive; (512) 478-4500

hotel san josé, moderate; (512) 444-7322
chuy's, tex-mex; moderate; (512) 474-4452     
domenick's pizzeria, pizza; inexpensive; (512) 477-5877

hut's, hamburgers and more; inexpensive; (512) 472-0693     

matt's el rancho, mexican; moderate; (512) 462-9333     

shady grove, casual american; inexpensive; (512) 474-9991

sonic drive-in, fast food; inexpensive; multiple locations

sullivan's, steaks; expensive; (512) 495-6504