"Obviously, you've got the state capitol. But for me, my landmark, and the best way to introduce anybody to Austin, is a University of Texas football game on Saturday. I don't know of a better college atmosphere. I've got a box there at Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium, so I go whenever I can get back for a game. Family and friends, there's usually about 16 of us in the box. There are no boxes I've ever been in that are near as fine as what Texas has."

"If you want to relax and get refreshed in the cold water, Barton Springs is a great spot. I used to take my school bags there and do my homework. There's also Zilker Park, where I'd take the dog and throw the Frisbee. There are trails all up and down Lake Austin and the Colorado River. I like Hamilton Pool, too. It's a huge waterfall, a little oasis outside of town. It's got a small beach and a beautiful trail leading down to it. It's like a little lagoon."

"A great burger joint is Hut's on Fifth. They do good burgers, and they have nice waitresses. There's a waitress there I met and dated for a couple years. They didn't have music then, but now they have it some nights. And they put a pizza parlor in the back. They do 20 different kinds of burgers, but I always get the #8. It's got guacamole and cheese on it."

"My favorite Saturday begins with a 2:30 UT game. That gives you time to sleep in, have some breakfast, get the crew together. I like to get to the game a little early. You have lunch and everyone starts getting tuned up for the game, which will go until 5:30 or 6, and you usually get sundown about that time. Hang until the rest of the stadium clears out, then either catch cabs or walk to Scholz's, which is just a big, fun beer garden where they do the Longhorn post-game radio show. Obviously, if you win, that place is pretty fun. Then we go to Antone's. It's great if you really want to go shake it out and break a sweat on the dance floor. It's a legendary place in Austin."