"The Four Seasons, right on the river, is nice. I trust they'll have good water pressure, great sheets, and good A/C on humid nights. And there's a great cocktail lounge downstairs. If you want to get a little more rural, there's the Hotel San José. It's on Congress Avenue, but it's like something you'd find on the side of a highway in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes I stay at my brother's in Dripping Springs. He's got 11 acres, and I sleep in his double-wide Winnebago."

"Sullivan's, on Colorado Street, cooks a good steak, and they bring you out a big ol' half a head of iceberg lettuce with blue cheese dressing. I like sauces, so I get every sauce they've got. It's a finer dining restaurant, a cool, high-end spot downtown. A lot of times you get those places that everybody thinks are so cool and so hot, and you go in there, and it's all packaging. This place, the food's damned good."

"I like the Saxon Pub on weeknights. It's a dark, smoky little joint, and there's always live music. It's a slightly older crowd, plus it's out there on South Lamar, not downtown. People talk about Sixth Street, Austin's version of Bourbon Street. As we know with Bourbon Street, the best spots are really off the main street. On weekends, they block off the streets around Sixth Street, and it's just a cattle call. You're always gonna hear some good music at The Continental Club. That's an eclectic music crowd. Plus, if you're staying at the Hotel San José, you can walk right across the street to The Continental Club."