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Certain places are known for certain things. We know about these places and things. Now so will you.

SO YOU HAVE some vacation days coming up, but you still haven't figured out what to do with them? It's like high school all over again, only instead of procrastinating your studies, you're procrastinating your relaxation. Good news: If you're headed to any of these 10 spots, you can copy our homework.

AUSTIN, TEXAS: Cowboy Boots
Maybe it's the sun, or maybe it's the Shiner Bock, but even the most straitlaced, serious-minded intellectuals don cowboy boots in Austin. There is something infectious about the capital city's unabashed love for those sometimes-hokey, always-fantastic cowboy getups. Locals and tourists alike rely on Allens Boots and Cavender's Boot City for their hookup. Slip on a pair and you'll have a little swagger in your step, a little syrup in your voice. Welcome to Texas, y'all.

Allens Boots 
1522 South Congress Avenue
(512) 447-1413

Cavender's Boot City 
8809 Burnet Road
(512) 451-7474
4435 South Lamar Boulevard
(512) 892-4747 

The "Paris of the South" is known for inspiring passion in even the most tepid traveler. You may arrive as a cubicle nerd, but you'll leave a meat-eating tango dancer in a floor-length leather coat. What's impressive about Argentine leather (besides the price) is that it has a high-fashion design and beautiful craftsmanship. You can find plenty of leather goods along the tourist stretch of Calle Florida, but you may prefer to head to the more off-the-beaten-path stores - for instance, those along Calle Murillo. Other recommended shops include custom coatmaker Silvia y Mario and the well- regarded Casa Lopez. This is a city filled with beautiful women and hot dancing; you need the clothing to match.

Casa Lopez
M.T. de Alvear 640/658

Silvia y Mario
M.T. de Alvear 550

More than half the furniture made in the United States comes from central North Carolina. Chances are your Barcalounger has a Southern accent. So when you visit this area, it's a good time to reconsider the living room. If you are up to tackling the sprawling, high-octane warehouse environment, check out Furniture Factory Outlet World in the nearby suburb of Waxhaw. And Boyles, with locations all over North Carolina, is one of the most popular furniture stores in the state. So kick up your heels - which might be easier with a new armchair.

Boyles Distinctive Furniture
7215 Smith Corners Boulevard
(704) 596-9093

Furniture Factory Outlet World
8315 Lancaster Highway
(704) 843-2128