But don't sue you if they are, right?
Yeah, exactly.

And where would you recommend they stay?
You've got to stay at the Driskill. It's located right at the start of Sixth Street, right in the heart of downtown, so you just walk right out your door and you're at the bars and the music scene.

You're a big Nebraska Cornhuskers fan. Who would you say are more rabid, UT fans or Nebraska fans?
I think we're both obsessed. They're two of the top schools in terms of football and their fans. I mean, people live and die football there. Unfortunately, last year, UT won the contest between them. I like to say Nebraska is in the "rebuilding"process. I'll tell you, it's tough being a Nebraska fan living in Texas, that's for sure.

You're actively involved in your own charity, the Andy Roddick Foundation, which to date has raised almost $2 million to benefit underprivileged kids. Why would someone your age and in your profession dedicate himself so thoroughly?
When I was 17, I asked Andre Agassi about his biggest regret. He surprised me with a total nontennis answer. He said that it was not starting his charitable foundation early enough. This made me realize why Andre is such a special person. So, four years ago, we established the Andy Roddick Foundation, and today, we're a viable source in helping children with various needs. One of the coolest things about the foundation is that it's 100 percent volunteer. There is not one person on payroll, and there is not one dollar that doesn't get put back towards the kids. It just shows how special the people who work with me are.

Elton John played a concert in Austin to raise money for your charity. You mentioned you were a fan of his, but this seems like an unusual pairing. How did you two become friends?
Believe it or not, he's a huge tennis fan. Last year, my publicist told me that Elton John wanted to interview me for Interview magazine. All of a sudden, I'm sitting in my hotel room, and he's firing questions at me about tennis. I was such a fan of his; it was shocking. But he's such a sweet man, and I did his charity event called Smash Hits in Newport Beach this past year. Andre and Pete [Sampras] have done it forever, and when Pete retired, I slid into his spot. Elton said, "If I can ever do anything for you, let me know." So I let him know. It wasn't lip service. He came to Austin last April. It was very cool.

You're gearing up for Slam season. Do you do anything differently, mentally or physically, to prepare for the Majors?
I don't really treat Slams any differently than the rest of my season. I put the same amount of effort into any tournament I play and just try to focus on winning one match at a time. A win is a win.

Thanks in large part to your huge serve, I might add. Have you ever hurt anyone with it?
Hurt? No. But it probably stings a bit. I mean, I've hit people with it, but there's only so much a fuzzy ball can do to you.