You're only 22, though, so the house can't be too grown-up, right?
My favorite piece of furniture is my pool table, if that say sanything. It was my first major purchase, and it's the first thing you see when you walk in the door.

Plus, we hear you've added some elements that really make the house your own.
Yeah. I'm currently converting a section of the garage into a gym, and I'm working with a design firm to create this painted mural of all the people who inspire me, like Nelson Mandela and Cal Ripken Jr. It's by far the coolest thing I've done to the house. I also love having pictures of me and my family and friends around. I'm too lazy to put them in frames, though, so we hung a school-size corkboard in my office, and I'm stuffing it full of memories.

Men's Fitness voted Austin one of the fittest cities in the country. Until your gym is done, where do you go to workout?
Town Lake is really cool. So if you wanted to exercise, you'd run or bike along the trail there. There are tons of other people out there doing it as well. There's also a natural spring-fed pool called Barton Springs. If you're going to Austin, you'll want to see it.

What about when you want to play a few sets? Do you just go and mix with the weekend warriors?
Where I hit depends on what type of surface I need to train on. Mainly, I play at Westwood Country Club, because they have both hard-court and clay surfaces. Courtyard Tennis Center has indoor courts that I'll practice on if the weather is bad. Other than that, I sometimes hit at Barton Creek Resort or at Caswell Tennis Center, where I took my first lesson.

You're bound to have worked up an appetite by now. Where would you go if you had a hankering for some good ol' Texas barbecue?
My absolute favorite place is the Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill. The corn-dog shrimp and beer-battered asparagus are unbelievable. If I could eat at only one restaurant, that would be it. But Stubb's is a great place for barbecue. They also have live music, which is always a plus. I used to go to the Oasis a lot with my parents when I was a kid. The food is a blend of Tex-Mex and American, but the real draw is that you look out over Lake Travis.The ambience is unbeatable.

If you had friends in town for the day, where would you send them?
To the Congress Avenue Bridge. Bats fly out from under the bridge every night at dusk, and you can go down there and watch them. It's crazy. No one's ever gotten hurt, so I guess the bats aren't dangerous.