For a relatively small city, Austin has a high quotient of celebrities, like Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey. Are you hassled a lot when you go out?
Part of the beauty of Austin is that people know that I - or Lance Armstrong, or whoever - live there, so they just see me as a fellow Austinite. I get stopped a lot more in L.A. or New York. Especially New York, because we have the U.S. Open there every year, so it can get a little hectic. But I do love going there for those three weeks each year.

We've heard you collect vintage T-shirts. What's behind the obsession?
I started collecting them several years ago because I wanted something original that everybody else wasn't wearing. That and the fact that I enjoyed the hunt. Since I travel a lot, it's fun to find the local thrift shop and plow through all the racks looking for the [shirts] with the funniest sayings, which make great conversation starters.

And do you shell out major coin for them?
I think the most I've ever paid was $30. So nothing bank-breaking. I actually have too many shirts right now; I think about 30. After a shopping spree, I mostly give away the bulk of what I find to friends. Really, I don't shop that much. I have literally four pairs of jeans in my closet in Austin. I have this house with huge closets, and I'll never come close to filling even one of them.

Speaking of your house, it sits on a lake. How do you make the most of it?
My favorite day, if I could have a day off, would be when it's super hot out. I'd go out with friends on my boat. I have a couple of jet skis, so we'd take those along, too. There's a cliff where we jump off - it's a 30-foot drop - by a cove off of the dam. Lake Austin is basically a dammed-off portion of the Colorado River, and there are all these outlets and nooks you can explore. It's gorgeous.

What about this place we hear you like to go to out by the lake, the Dry Creek Saloon?
Yeah, there's this bar in the middle of a nice neighborhood that's been there for like 50 years. This old lady owns it. She's about 2,060 years old and grouchy, which is all just part of the charm. You could be there Friday night at nine and it could be packed, but if she decides to close, it's like, "Too bad, we're closed. I'm going home." The chairs have been there for 50 years; they're rusty and the nails are sticking out, but it's our place. It's a local legend.

Back to your house again. Did you decorate it yourself?
I had help, a guy named Sandy Senter, from Sandy Senter Design. When I first met him, we went through a million magazines and he had me circle anything I liked - a refrigerator, a chest, whatever. We went room to room that way. The house feels young, but it's still really nice. I like the look of modern furniture, but I still want my house to have a cozy feel to it. According to Sandy, I tend to like a neutral palette with the primary color red as an accent. My house in Florida feels like a frat house, just stuff everywhere, but I'm going to have this house for a while, so I wanted to put time and thought into it.