A) I don’t have much of an opinion because I’m only really interested in current interest rates (1)
B) I am neither bullish nor bearish; I just don’t want to outlive my income (3)
C) Mostly bullish; however, I base my opinion on the current economic picture. I am a realist. (5)
D) Long term, stocks outperform all other asset classes, so I am mostly bullish (10)

0-15 points:
Bob Hope Generation. Growing up in the 30’s and 40’s, you’re the most risk-averse investor, focused on dividends, not runaway growth

16-30 points: Scientific. Value-minded and conservative, you l ike formulas for your allocations. Mantra: Stop losses, even if I don’t set the world on fire. You probably put no more than 10% of your money into aggressive growth.

31-45 points: Laissez-Faire investor. You’re a moderate-risk investor, perhaps a Baby Boomer, who wants high income distributions and good principal preservation during retirement. Diversified, you’ll look at cyclical value, aggressive growth, bonds, the whole spectrum.

46-60 points: "Beat the Joneses" Investor. A highly competitive player, you started building wealth after the 73-74 recession and have little experience with bad markets. That makes you a natural risk taker, prone to unreasonable expectations of your investments.

60+ points: "High Roller" Investor. You’re market savvy, comfort