Your Mind, Your Money
Check out your investment profile with this quiz created by asset manager John Valentine. Pick only one answer per question, then add your points (in parentheses) to see what kind of investor you are.

1. Even though I may have a professional advisor I would like to:

A) Only focus on my portfolios quarterly because I don't take much risk (1)
B) Spend more time on hobbies than worrying about investments (3)
C) Check on my investments 2-3 times a week (6)
D) Constantly watch my portfolio and monitor TV money "shows (10)

2. The era that had the most profound impact on my life is:

A) The aftermath of the Great Depression (1)
B) The relative stasis of postwar 1950-1965 (3)
C) Turbulence of the 1966-1975 Vietnam Era (7)
D) The "Me" decades of 1976-2000 (9)

3. When it comes to the possibility of losing on my investments I am:
A) Looking forward to the next opportunity (10)
B) Concerned but looking to maneuver (7)
C) Concerned (3)
D) Terrified (1)

4. It is easier for me to:

A) Miss out on an opportunity altogether if it is not suitable for me (2)
B) Miss out on gains (4)
C) Acknowledge mistakes and look forward to the next choice (8)

5. My understanding of the economy and the investment market is:

A) average (3)
B) slightly above average (4)
C) well above average (5)
D) expert (7)

6. When a stock in my portfolio is on the down slope, I:

A) Feel miserable (3)
B) Don't fret too much if it's a good company (4)
C) Try to avoid discus sing it because I'm embarrassed (5)
D) I look to sell and move on (6)

7. My general long-term confidence in the "markets" can best be described as: